Today we launch our new company - Valley and Peak. Its been a long year, developing and testing our designs, along with a 'few gear testers', putting the website together and generally getting our company up and running.

Valley and Peak is a small cottage manufacturer.  Mary a life long sewer makes all our in house products on a full time basis and Mark when not doing his day job helps out on the product design, testing and input on our website.

Valley and Peak was born out of our passion for the outdoors and our life long interest in camping, hiking, camper van touring and Mark's wild camping trips.

We supply both our in house manufactured products and a carefully selected range of quality outdoor brands aimed at the backpacker, lightweight camper and camper - van owner.  However, there are products to suit all outdoor people, so take a look.

Many of the brands we feature are favourites in the USA, but have been hard to get over here in Europe, such as Cascade Wild, CNOC, Easton tent stakes, Lawson Equipment, Kelty and Sierra Designs.

We are looking to add more quality brands in the near future, so check back on a regular basis!