It will be soon to get out and about again 

Hello to everyone and we also welcome our new subscribers and thank them for being patience for our first newsletter of the year.

So we had a very busy start to 2021 with lots of new subscribers, new customers and together with our old friends this has made it a great start to the year for us.  Its been non - stop, working long hours into the night and weekends but we are loving it!  We know you have a choice of whom you place your business with and we appreciate your custom and the great comments that our customers leave with us on Trustpilot giving us overall 5 star rating!

‌Our little extra thank you is the packet of Skittles with every order. This has become almost as popular as the items purchased, well almost, with lots of Instagram postings like this from Stuart. Thank you :)

Well it won't be long now before many of us finally get out and about and get in some real walking in the hills and hopefully some camping as well. We've been seeing lots of posts on social media about plans and kit lists for your first trip. We will post up our ideal kit lists for spring, so keep your 'eyes peeled' for that.

What's new with Valley and Peak

Lots of new items and new brands have come on stream or about to (we will update you on these very shortly), but we are very excited about being choosen by a preminum US brand to join only a handful of retailers that they have in the UK to stock their range, with availability in our web-store very soon. Look out for our announcement.

We are also just in the final process of stocking another US brand which is barely available in the UK and Europe, but deserves much more exposure.

Below is a selection of recent introductions or products you may have missed.

CNOC Outdoors

Our good friends from CNOC, have come up with another great product, the Versica collapsible water bottle. The Vesica is a collapsible, reusable and light water bottle that behaves like a hard bottle for easy drinking on the move. Simply carry 1 litre of water and stow away when empty. Available with a Green or Purple cap. You can use Sawyer water filters such as the Mini and Squeeze with the Vesica and is a great partner with the excellent Vecto water carrier. Save 10% here when buying as a bundle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Vesuv Outdoors

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Vesuv are a new cottage manufacturer for the ultralight backpacking community from the Czech Republic and we are pleased to be stocking these UL Titanium Windshields for Evernew pots in the UK for them. We have also sold them as far  away as Australia!

VESUV windshields for 0.9 and 1.3 litre pots, provide more efficiency, stability and comfort while cooking outdoors with your titanium Evernew cooking pot and alcohol stove. Made from ultralight 0.1 mm titanium foil, the VESUV windshield is easy to use, and rolls up compactly in a heavy duty Tyvek sleeve (included). Windshield and stove fit together in the pot, making it easy to pack. You will love how effective this windscreen is, with hardly any weight adding to your pack.

Eifel Outdoor Equipment

We have been retailing this range from an another great little family run business from the Eifel region of Germany for a little while now and we have had some very postive feed back from 'YouTubers" who have reviewed their products.   They have a great range of stoves and accessories and are inceasingly looking at 'eco- products', which we are currently evaluating.  If you have not seen this range before on our website take a look here

Reviews on Youtube on Eifel Outdoor products from MCM Outdoors and

and from The height_of_life


Back in Stock -  PreTents

Just to say that we have taken in further stock of the LightRock tent, more of the 4-Season Ridgelines and are awaiting  stock in April of the Soloist. These proved very popular as Christmas pressies and we look forward to more sales of this excellent  brand of tents and shelters.  Here are some great shots from users below. For more info on the complete range see here


Read an excellent review of the PreTents Ridgeline 4 season tent by TrekSumo

Free SOTO micro torch lighter when you purchase the SOTO   Windmaster stove


For a limited period, while stocks last and just from Valley and Peak get the micro torch worth £15.49 free.  Details here

Valley and Peak Classic Quilt

We've had loads of orders in for the Classic Quilt, curently this has pushed the lead times to around 5 weeks. We do have one which was made for a customer who changed their mind on the product after we completed it and has never been used, so if you want to jump the queue so it speak, here it is.  We have a Deep Purple and Black one shown below in Climashield  Apex 200 which is in the long and wide specification for immediate dispatch. See here for full specs on the Apex 200 Classic Quilt. Priced at £199.00  including free delivery in the UK with a reasonable delivery charge for outside of the UK.  Outside of the UK purchasers will pay 20% less on the purchase price shown above, but may be liable for their own sales tax and any customs duties on entry to their country.   If you are interested please email us at‌                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Home Comforts in the Wilds

Talking about Quilts we've been experimenting with adding the Klymit V Sheet and Quilted V Sheet onto sleeping mats to add extra comfort and more of a luxurious feel to our outdoor sleep experience. Although the Klymit V sheets are made for Klymit  sleeping mats they seem to fit other mats such as the Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Insulated mat. As quilts including our Classic Quilt  are effectively backless sleeping bags and part of your body is on top of the mat 'unprotected' so to speak, adding the V-sheet gives a lovely soft feel.  By putting on a Klymit V sheet you get an almost sleeping 'in a bed at home' experience with a minimal weight penalty.  The Quilted V Sheet has light insulation incorporated into the sheet so it adds to the R value of your sleep system.

Below in the first two photos (top left) we have fitted the Klymit Quilted V Sheet over a Sea to Summit Ether Light XT  Insulated mat and used one of our Classic Quilts.  What is also great is the Pillow Sleeve, which holds a variety of pillows nice and snug without the use of shock cords to secure on the mat.  Luxury !!

Need to speak to us by phone?

If you need to speak to us on the phone, please email us first.  As a family run business which also does in house manufacture, we don't publish our telephone number as it would mean that we might have to stop production for extended periods to answer calls. I hope you understand our reasoning.

However no problem, if you email us with your telephone number and a suitable time to call you (ideally after 5pm) we will call you back to discuss sales enquiries and technical questions on all the brands we carry. With over 40 years experience of camping and backpacking we are sure we can help you.

We think you should stock this.....

If you would like to see us stock a particular brand or you are having a problem locating items, please let us know and if we think its a 'runner', we would be pleased to help you.  Just send us an email at  or send a DM on Twitter @ValleyandPeak and Instagram - valleyandpeakuk

We hope you enjoyed this newsletter, if you have any suggestions on topics that you would like us to cover, the just drop us a line. Don't forget there are plenty of back issues on our blog covering stuff like washing down garments to winter backpacking. Bye for now :)

Valley and Peak