This is the second in a series of blog posts looking at some key brands for Valley and Peak.

CNOC Outdoors was started by Gilad Nachmani in 2017. People in the UK may remember Gilad and his blog called Outdoors Father and this is where we first got to know Gilad. After moving from the UK to Portland in Oregon, USA, Gilad established his business to make the first from his perfect gear list, a simple lightweight water container to work with his Sawyer filter.

After a lot of development work and following a sucessful Kickstarter campaign, the Vecto was introduced.   The Vecto is a simple but unique design that allows water to be collected from streams, lakes and tarns easily by a container with a resealable wide opening in the bottom of that container.  The bottom is resealable by the use of a strong and durable clip that slides over the end to secure and prevent any leakage. An excellent idea and I'm sure it was born out of frustration that many a wild camper experiences when trying to fill roll up water containers in streams and lakes. Certainly this is something that we have found!

This little video below showing the operation and the simplicity of the Vecto.

The Vecto is easy to fill with water due to it's wide opening.

We first came aware of the Vecto from a product review by the Gear Editor Chris Townsend at TGO magazine.  When we started up Valley and Peak we approched Gilad to sell the product in the UK as there were no retailers at that time in the country.  The Vecto range has become a popular seller for us. A simple but effective  product.

For those who are not familar with the Vecto range, there are two cap sizes to fit the Sawyer filter (28mm cap) and one to fit the Katydyn BeFree filter (42mm cap). The Vectos are available in 2 and 3 litre capacity. There are two different colours - blue and orange for all models except the 3 litre 42 mm which is available in orange only.

We have also created Vecto discounted bundles with the CNOC 200ml Cup and also the Cascade Wild Table.  The Cnoc 200ml Cup is also available for purchase on its own in blue and orange.  The Cascade Wild table can purchased on its own or as a pair.

Cnoc Vecto and 200ml Collapsible Cup
CNOC Vecto and Cascade Wild Table bundle

All products can be found by visiting our web-store here